Welcome to the Sonoma County Continuum of Care Wiki Members page.

This page will tell you some of the many ways you can use this wiki. It will be under construction for a while, as we learn together.

To invite someone to join the wiki: Send them an email inviting them to join, and give them this URL for our home page:
http://sonoma-county-continuum-of-care.wikispaces.com/. They will be prompted to join in order to view that page.

Email Notifications: Instead of receiving every message as on the yahoogroups listserv, you can selectively receive messages only for what interests you. You can monitor everything on this site, and then anytime someone posts a discussion note or makes a change to the text, you'll receive an email with that content. Or you can choose a page that interests you, and just opt to monitor changes to that page. Here's how you set up to receive email notifications:

  • At the top of the page that interests you, click on Notify Me. Click on the check boxes to receive Email Notifications, for all changes on the page and/or for all discussions.
  • To receive notifications for the entire wiki, click on this link for wiki-wide changes. Click on the check boxes to receive Email Notifications.
  • Note you can also sign up on Page-Wide Changes and Wiki-Wide Changes for RSS Feeds.

Discussions: Wiki members can post comments, questions, or have open conversations with other wiki members by clicking the Discussion area at the top of the relevant wiki page. Discussions can be held on any page, so if it's a very specific discussion (say, for CoC applicants making their way through e-snaps applications), make sure to post it on a relevant page. General conversations can be held on the Home page. If you have signed up for email notifications, you will get an email every time someone has posted on the pages you've designated.

Calendar function: Please note that as of August 2015, this is being redeveloped and there may be delays. Contact Michael Gause at (707) 565-1977 if you would like to post an event to the calendar. Michael can share it with the CoC membership.

If you have a one-time event you'd like posted, post a full description on the Discussion area of the Calendar page and Michael Gause, the CoC Coordinator, will automatically be alerted. The CoC Public Calendar is a google calendar: if you'll be posting regularly and have a google or gmail account, let Michael know at Michael.Gause@sonoma-county.org and he share the google calendar with you directly. Whatever you post there will automatically post on the wiki calendar.