CoC Steering Committee

**Please note that the Steering Committee is now referred to as the CoC Board as of 2014. For updated information on the CoC Board, including meetings and minutes, please refer to the Continuum of Care Board on this site

The 10-member CofC Steering Committee is comprised of both appointed and elected representatives. The Sonoma County Community Development Commission, the cities of Petaluma and Santa Rosa, the Sonoma County Task Force on the Homeless, United Way of the Wine Country, and the Community Foundation Sonoma County each have appointed representatives. The two largest Sonoma County homeless service provider non-profit agencies appoint one member each, currently Catholic Charities and the Committee on the Shelterless (COTS). Lastly, two private sector representatives are elected at-large from the membership of the CCPG every April. The Steering Committee plans the CCPG meetings, reviews committee reports and actions, formulates policy and takes any other actions necessary to accomplish the goals and action steps included in approved plans or per HUD directives. The Steering Committee invites typically senior management staff in local government with an interest in coordination of homeless services, to attend as ex officio members. See this link for a history of Adopted Policies.

Minutes from the last and current fiscal years can be downloaded below. For minutes prior to this period, contact Michael Gause, CoC Coordinator, at

Meeting of June 24, 2014:

Meeting of May 27, 2014:

Meeting of April 29, 2014:

Meeting of March 25, 2014:

Meeting of November 19, 2013:

The ESG Rating & Ranking Policy approved at this meeting can be found here.

Meeting of September 24, 2013:

The Coordinated Intake timeline and summary project plan, distributed in hard copy at the meeting, may be viewed here.

Meeting of July 30, 2013:

Meeting of June 25, 2013:

Meeting of April 2, 2013:

Meeting of January 29, 2013:

Materials for the local process in the State ESG competition are posted here.

Meeting of December 19, 2012:

Meeting of October 30, 2012:

Meeting of September 25, 2012:

Meeting of September 25, 2012:

Meeting of August 28, 2012:

Meeting of July 31, 2012:

Meeting of May 29, 2012:

Meeting of March 27, 2012:
Governance Rules
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Meeting of March 2, 2012:

Meeting of January 31, 2012:

Meeting of November 29, 2011:

Meeting of October 4, 2011:

Meeting of August 30, 2011:

Meeting of July 26, 2011:

Meeting of June 28, 2011:

Meeting of May 31, 2011:

Meeting of March 29, 2011:

Meeting of February 22, 2011:

Meeting of January 25, 2011:

Meeting of October 26, 2010:

If you wish to access documents referenced in the notes and not posted here, please contact Jenny Abramson, the CoC Coordinator, at