CoC Application Submitted Jan. 31

The FY2013 application for $2,653,977 in new & renewal funding for 20 projects, was submitted Friday January 31. You may download it here:

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this!

New Permanent Housing Project Selection:

This version, uploaded 1/18/2014, has a minor correction.

Technical Review Updates

Additional apologies:
I asked all project applicants to increase their match based on a wrong interpretation of the written guidance. Please disregard those instructions. If e-snaps accepted your match amounts, they are fine. --Jenny, January 13, 2014
With apologies:
The correct Congressional Districts for Sonoma County are CA-002 (Petaluma, Guerneville, Cloverdale, and up the coast), and CA-005 (Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and east). Guidance at both in the December 20th TA session and in some technical correction communications, was incorrect. January 12, 2014.
Additionally, there is some variance in people's response to 3B(2), Does your project participate in a CoC Coordinated Assessment System? Here, because our Coordinated Intake project is not yet operational, the correct answer is No. Assuming there is space in the narrative above this question, please state that the project anticipates participating in Coordinated Assessment, which is expected to begin in July 2014. January 12, 2014.

Materials from December 20, 2013 Technical Assistance Session:

Leveraging must be documented in the e-snaps application, preferably by submission on January 3, 2014. Our goal is $2 for every $1 of your HUD award. Leveraging commitments may be collected and added until January 15th. If new leveraging commitments come in after your project has been submitted, you must request of the CoC Coordinator that the application be re-opened to you so that you may update it.

Test New Permanent Supportive Housing Project Application

for use in developing new projects:

E-snaps Intro PPT (delivered December 16, 2013):

Update to the Summary of Changes in the 2013 NOFA, #13 Rapid Re-Housing vs. Permanent Supportive Housing:

As stated in the Summary of Changes, the 2013 NOFA does allow new projects to be created that provide Rapid Re-Housing for households with children through this NOFA. However, within the CoC Consolidated application one finds the following statement:

3E-2.1 If the CoC is planning to reallocate funds to create one or more new rapid re-housing project for families, describe how the CoC is already addressing chronic homelessness through other means and why the need to create new rapid re-housing for families is of greater need than creating new permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless persons.
As many of you know, in the 2013 Point-In-Time Count we counted over 1,100 chronically homeless individuals and 451 persons in families with children. The State ESG funding stream has funded a robust RRH program in awards that exceed that available through the CoC for new permanent supportive housing projects. We would not be able to describe a greater need for RRH for families than that for permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless.

The 2013 Continuum of Care Notice of Funding Availability was released November 22, 2013.

You may find the NOFA here.

The full Sonoma County CoC Request for Proposals can be downloaded here:

Due to technical problems with the original upload, the RFP has been converted to PDF format and re-posted December 6, 2013.
This document includes the full RFP, the 2013 application timeline, a Summary of Major Changes in the 2013 Competition, Draft Scoring for New Permanent Supportive Housing Projects, a Renewal Project Intent to Apply Questionnaire, and a 2013 Supplemental Questionnaire (for all applicants, with Housing First checklist). The approved Annual Renewal Amounts appear in section 2. These documents appear individually here, and the timeline is additionally laid out below:

Summary of Major Changes in 2013, corrected and posted Dec. 17, 2013:

Final Scoring for New Projects (posted December 16, 2013):

The Renewal Project Intent to Apply Questionnaire is required of all renewal applicants by December 12th. It is provided here as a fill-in form:

The 2013 Supplemental Questionnaire collects information needed for the CoC Consolidated Application, and is required of all applicants by January 3rd. It is provided here as a fill-in form:

Sonoma County Continuum of Care Submission - Schedule of Events 2013-14

NOFA Released
Local RFP and Summary of Major Changes issued, including new PSH project and questionnaires for renewal applicants.
Preliminary submissions:
  • Renewal Project Intent to Apply Questionnaires
  • Annual Performance Reports submitted or amended for the period October 1, 2012-September 30, 2013
  • Requests to serve category 3 homeless
Deadline: 5:00 pm at the Sonoma County Community Development Commission, 1440 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa
ATTN: Continuum of Care
Bidder’s Conference for NEW Permanent Supportive Housing projects
9:30-11:30 am, at Sonoma County Community Development Commission, 1440 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa
Technical Assistance Session for Applicants:
Introduction to e-Snaps
12:00-2:00 pm, at Sonoma County Community Development Commission, 1440 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa
This is a collaborative application: those with e-snaps experience are expected to assist newer applicants. New applicants should obtain a DUNS number and CCR registration prior to the session if possible.
Technical Assistance Session for Applicants:
Project Applications in e-snaps
10:00 am-12:00 noon, at Catholic Charities Education Center,
987 Airway Court, Santa Rosa
New and Renewal Project Applications Due in e-Snaps, 11:59 pm
2013 Supplemental Questionnaires due to CoC Coordinator, 5:00 pm
New Permanent Supportive Housing project review & selection
Publication of new permanent supportive housing selection (earlier if possible) on the CoC wiki at
9-Jan through 29-Jan
Technical review/corrections, priority ranking & Consolidated Plan certifications
Continuum of Care application posted for review and comment
Board of Supervisors approval of Continuum of Care funding package, if necessary.
Final submission (deadline Feb. 3rd)